New Year’s Day

From Andy

‘Just read all your comments. Phew! They’re wonderful. Thank you all so much for your  encouragement.

I’ll chat more down the road. Right now I’ve got 3 hours to get this expedition on its way to the airport.’

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. Go, go, go. What a start to 2015! Proud of you, and a little envious. Be strong and stay safe!
    “May the wind be ever at your back.”
    Love, Lynda & Richard


  2. Good luck Andy. Hope the set-off goes really well and the body gets into gear quickly.Looking forward to reading about the trip as it unfolds


  3. Hi Andy – I tried to give you a call on new year’s day thinking that you were only leaving on the 2nd but had no success – apparently you had more than just a few things to attend to!. I will be following your trip with a great deal of interest. I am envious of the whole concept of being able to take a few months out of the hum drum of day to day life to do Cairo to Cape Town but at the same time in awe of your choice of mode of transport (a KTM 990 Adv would be my preference!) Good luck with the journey – along with the highs there will no doubt be some very tough days ahead but if anyone can pull this one off it is you. Take care and enjoy the experience – CharlieB


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