18 hours to go

The bags are all packed, ready to be loaded onto the back up truck this afternoon. The bike is beside us, ready to roll. Andy is sitting here in full cycling gear – not because he’s riding anywhere today, but because it’s so cold.

Departure is 06.00 tomorrow morning…sharp. 12 000 kms to go.

He says ‘It brings back memories of para trooper days – waiting in the Dak, heading for the dropzone, watching the red light and waiting for the green. There’s no going back now. Bum feels just about as tight.’

6 thoughts on “18 hours to go

  1. Andy, you are starting out to do what the rest of us dream about. Looking forward to hearing about your progress, the pain and the pleasure. You’ve already inspired the kiwi rellies to start exercising every day (almost) and plan to do another of the NZ great walks over the holidays in May. Vasbyt, bro!


  2. Hallo Andy in Cairo…. wishing you luck and strength, hope your 1st day went as planned, and remember the PaInKiLlErSSSSS…loads of luv..xx


  3. Hi Andy
    We were away on a 4 *4 trip an only got back today so we missed your take off on 9 th.
    Trust that everything went well so far and that the bum is holding up
    Good luck with the ride
    Kobie and Elsabe


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