Luxor: day 6 and end of first section of the ride

6 Days, 760 kms, to Luxor and the end of the first section of the ride. It was six consecutive days of riding, the weather was cold and windy, day two was 166 kms long…I think the man took some strain…

But then things started to look up.  From one of Andy’s messages…

‘Today was a shortish 92 kms, light hills mostly flat with a cross wind causing no problems. The group has started to split up. There’s the very fit and fast, about 5;  then a middle group of about 20; finally the back up artists of 7 or 8. I fit between the last two groups for now. Everyone is going to get fit at about the same rate, except I think I have a lower starting point. So it might take me about four weeks to get to a comfort level, not the two we hoped for. Whatever, I am very upbeat about going forward.’

He has hooked up with another rider of similar age and temperament and they booked into The Pavillon Winter Luxor hotel for their two nights in Luxor.

fit for kings
fit for kings

They also organised a guide so they could see something of the Valley of the Kings. Finally Andy has remembered that this is actually some kind of a holiday!


3 thoughts on “Luxor: day 6 and end of first section of the ride

  1. Really great to read that you are doing well and the enjoyment you are feeling from being ‘in the moment’.
    Keep the reports coming and may you have few downers and many uppers on the trip.


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