Sunday: Aswan desert camp: day 10

The Tour organisation is clearly very good. I’ve only heard compliments. In Andy’s words this is ‘Another delicious lunch 2 km from the Nile’ – and not what you’re thinking – a pile of broken bicycles.

Another delicious lunch 2 km from the Nile

The bikes on top of the truck could be spare ones. The tour carries a couple of spares for bikes that break and can’t be repaired. A rider may be able to carry on using a borrowed bike.

They might also be the bikes of riders who have elected to ride in the truck. Sharita, in one of her first briefings, made it clear that you don’t need an elaborate excuse to put yourself and your bike on the truck.  Most people take a day or half day off occasionally because they’re sick or plain tired. Only a few riders achieve ‘EFI’ status because they’ve ridden Every Fabulous Inch’ of the route.

(There’s another interpretation of the F in EFI…)

18.00 Sunday

Just had a phone call from the man.Today was 145 kms to a Desert Camp near Aswan. Andy sounds strong and happy. His ride is going well. Riding beside the Nile must be amazing…and wonderfully flat!He got into camp today around one, had more excellent food for supper, and was lying in his tent waiting for a riders’ briefing to start.



4 thoughts on “Sunday: Aswan desert camp: day 10

  1. Hi Andy, missed Abu Simbel when i was in Egypt due to the effects of a bad yogurt eaten in a 5 star hotel! hope your visit is more pleasant.


  2. The journey is sounding more epic each day. Exhausted just reading the blog! Just in case you didn’t hear in another great sporting achievement AB hit fastest 50 ever off 16. Then hit fastest 100 ever off 31. Ended 149 off 44 balls. Go for the EFI grail dude!


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