From Egypt into Sudan

The ride crossed the Egypt Sudan border this morning by ferry at Wadi Halfa on the shores of Lake Nasser. It’s actually the new Wadi Halfa. The original town was submerged and its occupants relocated when the Aswan High Dam created Lake Nasser in 1971.

On the ferry

Ferry across border
Ferry across border

There was some difficulty with keys at the Sudanese border post so getting through took over an hour.

Key problem at Sudanese border,1


The notes from Tour d’Afrique office say…

You have now entered one of the world’s most remote and least visited countries. With the Nile river as companion you will spin past minarets and through palm grove villages that have hardly changed in hundreds of years.

Andy’s priorities this afternoon were less poetic.  Entering a new country involves buying a SIM and air time for that country so he can keep in touch. But by 17.00 he’d set up camp, found a shop and was reconnected to the world. Dinner was excellent. Alex worked some magic on his bike yesterday and the groans from the back bearings have subsided. Winds have  gone.It’s getting warmer. Mission accomplished.

Another 150 kms tomorrow…he sounds strong…the roads so far have been excellent tar…thinks he could have used a faster bike……we talk about the ride we’ll do together next year…

I don’t remind him that the 2000 kms to Khartoum are where you get fit before the left turn toward Ethiopia and the mountains of the Blue Nile Gorge…

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