What it takes to keep the show on the road

program for 22 January
program for 22 January

Tour d’ Afrique’s experience in organising trips like this one definitely shows; in the planning, back up resources, the staff they employ…and the food they provide! Notice that it’s Nate and Elliot’s turn to help with the dishes! Everyone gets a turn…

There are daily ‘marching orders’ written on the white board, and riders meetings each evening.

Riders meeting

The big truck with the luggage lockers is also the dinner truck. A smaller truck provides drinks and the makings for sandwiches at the lunch stop. Andy says the food is great – which considering that most everything is bought in towns and villages along the route, cooked using basic facilities, in quantities that keep 40 or more hungry cyclists happy, is no mean feat.

ready for dinner
ready for dinner
the lunch truck doubles as a recovery vehicle vehicle
the lunch truck doubles as a recovery vehicle vehicle

Bikes take strain too.  Andy’s message this afternoon to Gary Beyneke (who helped him get fit and set up his bike for the trip) says it all.

‘Hello Gary, all going fine, mostly level road but definitely not all. Quite long 3% grades over unremitting 60 Kms every one or two days. My rear suspension bearings not so good! Lots of squeezing and groaning. They should hold out at least till Addis Ababa, 25 days riding ahead. Could you source replacements for all the rear bearings? Maureen will collect from you and bring them up to me. Our tour mechanic Alex Percival will do the refit. Otherwise I’m good and stiff and happy and getting fitter. Can and will do the rest.’

You can follow the tour on it’s official web site:


2 thoughts on “What it takes to keep the show on the road

  1. Fantastic to read your comments Maureen, and Andy’s as they come through. The names of the towns are historical and stir my imagination. Already planning the trip for 2018!!


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