The time trial

Some days are designated as ‘racing days’ and there are various time trials during the ride. Andy isn’t taking the racing too seriously – at least that’s what he tells me – but it helps him keep track of how he’s doing – and it distracted them all from the grind of day on day cycling.

The Old Farts team (I believe they chose the name themselves) of the two Andy’s, Chris and Mike didn’t do badly.

Old Farts results,1

4 thoughts on “The time trial

  1. Andy, it looks challenging and exciting. I have moments of envy – but then sanity returns! I can’t tell you how impressed the Thomson household is. And Maureen keep up the excellent commentary. I bet your history of Africa is improving daily!
    Steve Thomson


  2. Andy,
    If you were competing against the dudes on the racing bikes you didn’t do half badly at all. Go New Forest Old Boys!

    What Lynda and I would really like to know is, “Where is the rest of you?” At this rate Maureen will have nothing left to cuddle by the time you get to Vic Falls.


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