Day 21 Khartoum

Andy arrives in Khartoum today: 21 days into the ride and 2 276 kms behind him.

The group has been in desert camps for the past 4 nights. For the first time on the ride they’ve been ‘off the grid’ and for the past 3 days we’ve not been able to talk.

What I do know is:

They’ve been on good quality paved road all the way from Cairo to Khartoum; in Sudan at least, funded by China

Sudan authorities are very security conscious. On the ride it’s about photos of certain buildings, or bridges

There are few if any places where you can use credit cards, due to a USA embargo

It’s getting warmer

Andy’s getting fitter!

And lighter!

He and his friends will be very very happy to reach a hotel with beds, showers and flush toilets tonight…

and after a rest day tomorrow in Khartoum they head south and slightly east toward the 1 607 kms of mountain roads up and through the Blue Nile gorge. That’s the fitness test…2 500 meters climb in one of the days.

All of you who have been wishing you could do a trip like this…still sure you want to join him??

downtown Khartoum
downtown Khartoum

The photos of Khartoum look way more splendid than I expected. They’ll have lots of choice of hotels. They could choose ‘The Grand’  built in 1800 and whose past guests include Thomas Cook, Sir Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria, although its old world elegance appears to be somewhat faded: or the Acropole run by 3 friendly Greek brothers, two of whom I’ve spoken to by phone. We’ll know tonight…

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