Day 33 Out of Gondar

It’s amazing how things can look up when you’re on the way down…

This evening Andy was in great form: back on his bike, tummy upset forgotten if not fixed. He’d cycled up a hill and then had the pleasure of coasting down the other side. ‘This is how it’s supposed to be’, he said to me. I think he’s finally getting the hang of this ride…realizing it’s OK to have fun…at least on the downhills.

The past week has been hard but looks like the worst is past. There is one more day to Bahir Dar and then another rest day. At this rate he may even do the trek out to the Blue Nile Falls.

Blue Nile Falls
Blue Nile Falls

Personally I’d go for a G&T beside Lake Tana

Lake Tana
Lake Tana

9 thoughts on “Day 33 Out of Gondar

  1. Hi Andy, Am still home recovering from my operation, so been a little out of touch although we have been following you. we have no doubt that U have a lot of both mental and physical strength to get through the next couple of weeks. I personally would ride like hell and enjoy every second of my few off days, fill up on “coffee” and sleep… LOL. Most off all please enjoy yourself, lots of love Gordon and Cecilia xxx


  2. Hey Andy,

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy – ride the bike, ride the truck, even ride the bloody mountain goat if the mood takes you – just keep on riding! cheers Bernie


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