Days 61-64; Arusha and Ngorongoro

We had a fantastic four days with two of Andy’s friends, Andy from USA and Vince from New Zealand.

The first night was in Arusha, a bustling small town referred to as ‘the centre of the safari industry’ in Tanzania.

typical Arusha scene, Mt Meru in background

A typical Arusha scene with Mt Meru in background. My flight from Johannesburg came in between the two mountains, Meru and Kilimanjaro; quite dramatic.

This is a street market a couple of hundred meters from the entrance to the hotel, taken in a hurry from inside the truck.

Iphone 16 March 2015 022,1

We stayed in the Serena Duluti hotel, one of those lush tropical oases typical of East Africa; very comfortable, a little old-world-colonial, great food, friendly staff. Next time you’re cycling through Arusha it’s worth a stop.

Serena Duluti

No matter where you are the coffee is good in East Africa.

Vince and Andy
Vince and Andy

We had a driver and game vehicle for the half day drive out to Ngorongoro Crater, then a day and a half to explore.  It’s technically a caldera, a volcano that’s collapsed inward. It’s 23km wide and covers an area of about 250 square kms. It’s part of the Ngorongoro Conversation area; 8 500 square kms in which about 40 000 Maasai people and their cattle coexist.

viewsite at Ngorongorothe base of the caldera

It’s about 600 meters from the rim to the base of the caldera, an interesting drive so long as you’re in a 4 by 4.

.note the Neapolitan striped suntanIphone 16 March 2015 098

Note the Neapolitan striped sun tan.

I use my Iphone for snapshot photography but I couldn’t go to Ngorongoro without my heavy SLR… worth carrying it for this cheetah and her young cubs. We saw lots of game but this one is my lasting image of Ngorongoro.


3 thoughts on “Days 61-64; Arusha and Ngorongoro

  1. What a wonderful time you two are having; lovely photographs of you both, and the places you have been to. Lots of love from Heather and Ivor


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