In Zambia and Muldersdrif

The five days from the Zambian border have been long: 152, 176, 172, 124, and yesterday into Lusaka, 103kms. But they seem to have been fairly uneventful: tarred roads, the usual hills, scenery Andy described as ‘beautiful’, one day that was a ‘real pleasure’ and now two nights, at least for him, of very real pleasure in the Radisson in Lusaka.

We’re both looking forward to four nights in Vic Falls starting on Tuesday. But I have to get there first. What was I thinking when I agreed to ride a section of the TDA with him? It’s more likely that I had too much to drink and wasn’t thinking at all. One has a lot of time to think on the regular 60,70 and 90 km rides that I’ve been doing.  I’m feeling fit but I’ve got nothing like the endurance and saddle-hardened-ness of people who have been cycling for 90 days.

Iphone download 29 March 052,1

I’ve been riding out in The Cradle in Muldersdrif. It’s beautiful there in the early morning.

Swartkops in the early morning

It’s quite a busy place over the weekend too.

Iphone download 29 March 011,1

Busy also refers to the wildlife. I’ve heard of cyclists who’ve had close encounters with warthog. I had my own this morning…a family of three or four standing in the long grass right beside the road as I sped past. In their surprise at seeing me they jumped backwards and ran away from the road…fortunately…they look much bigger than they do from the safety of a truck..

Chatted to Andy this evening, back from a good supper with a crowd of the riders: not exactly looking forward to the next three long days between Lusaka and Vic Falls: 158, 182 and 151kms. He’s fit by now but those kilometers are still going to take a lot of pedaling. So we distracted ourselves by organising sunset cruises on the Zambezi in Vic Falls and a plan to live on a house boat for the two nights in Maun.

I still have to pack.

Iphone 4 April 2015 011,1

4 thoughts on “In Zambia and Muldersdrif

  1. Maureen ,,, you will cope for sure!!!! there is no doubt ,, and it is not a war . Have fun ,,, you are just around the corner .. Vic falls , Maun near home . HAVE FUN !!


    1. Hi Gary
      Thank you for your ‘it’s not a war’ comment. I keep trying not to forget that this can be fun. I’m not doing it to achieve anything much, or get fit or lose weight or even have an adventure. Caffeine is my drug of choice, not adrenaline! I’ve been riding a lot out at Muldersdrif and going to Cadence spin classes so I’m feeling pretty fit – it’s just that I don’t have 90 days of endurance conditioning behind me. Andy still has tough days but I don’t think he realises how fit he must be by now.
      I’d planned to see you before I left but time overtook me. Call you when I get back


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