Day 88

Day 88 and the night before I leave. My bike is in its box, ready to fly; my house is littered with bits and pieces, ready to be packed. It’s too late to think of things I’ve forgotten – or to wish that I’d ridden more long distances.

Section 7 of the TDA is 10 days of riding and a mere 1542 kms. What was I drinking that night in Cairo??

But it is what it is and time to remember to enjoy it all…we start with 4 days in a lovely hotel at Vic Falls which won’t exactly be a hardship!

I’ve made space for my camera; it would have been impossible to go without it, so I’ll be taking pictures at least on our stops. If I have energy, time and internet connection all at the same time I’ll keep in touch…maybe persuade Andy to string some words together too.

I fly back from Windhoek on 23 April.

Bernie – I was thinking – you’ve got a tandem and you’ve been wonderfully enthusiastic about Andy’s ride all along. He’s going to be on his own again after Windhoek…why don’t you take the tandem to Windhoek and the two of you can finish the ride to Capetown together??

On second thoughts, it might not do your friendship any good at all…

10 thoughts on “Day 88

  1. Hi Maureen,

    Now I’m envious of you as well!

    Andy fortunately i’ll be doing JHB2C at about that time so no chance of tandem and our friendship should be safe! Enjoy Vic Falls and i think it is safe to say the hills are now behind you. cheers Bernie.


  2. Hi Andy, hope the Kazangula border chaos does not test your sense of humor.We did a trip through Botswana and Zambia with Charlie Gillon a year ago,and the border crossing by ferry was organized chaos, but still a lot of fun.Hope the ferry is working when you get there !!!! Well done on your fantastic effort so far, and please have a few pints at the Nata Lodge pub for us.All the best for the rest of the Tour,
    Gary and Brenda Hopkins.


  3. Hey Andy;
    I’m doing Botswana , Maun specifically, later in the year, pass on any tips, ok ??
    As Bernie says, flat and fast from here on in.
    Looking forward to hearing the stories from the Master Raconteur.


  4. Andy, looks like the real, hectic Africa is now “done” and you can cruise down to CT via the amazing Vic Falls. Well, hope the rest continues to go smoothly and look forward to further notes from southern Africa.


  5. If you stop at Chobe Game Lodge, please ask for Jonathan Gibson. He is the Chairman of Chobe Holdings. We studied for the Board Exam together and have remained friends ever since. A finer gentleman you could never hope to meet. Have a beer with him for me and send my best to him. I would bet that cycling the Botswana deserts will not be as easy as some are making out, so take care and remember that Chobe is full of lions! And elephants and buffalo. The rivers have dangerous hippo and crocodiles, so be alert at all times and take good care of yourselves. All the best, Vic


  6. Hi Andy,

    Good mates are always available when required. I am not very good at peddling uphill but OK downhill and at the Rand Club. I look forward to seeing you when you get back. Enjoy the rest of the tour.


  7. Hi Boet,

    Enjoy the German beer in Windhoek, not too much though. Have a great time cycling through the desert and the spectacular star show at night.



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