From Livingstone to Windhoek

I made it! It was intense.

Lots of pedaling, cool early mornings, wonderful group of people, camps without water for washing interspersed with luxury lodges that could return laundry in two hours, glorious early morning sunshine and a straight road stretching for ever, lion roaring rather close to one of our bush camps…there is so much that I still have to digest…and photos to edit and post

It was great to ride with Andy and share the joys (?) of camping.  I was fairly fit but had none of the endurance of the rest of the group. So I paced myself…now I’m quite sorry I didn’t have another week.

I flew from Windhoek on 23rd as the tour headed south on 800kms of off-road riding. (Andy has already fallen on that right knee!) He’s browner than ever, 100 days fit, and happy.

In WindhoekShopping in Ghanxi

I’d planned to be at home quietly this week but it’s not to be as unexpectedly, I’ve  had to fit in a trip to Ireland. I leave tonight. I’ll get a more detailed update out in the next few days .

The end of the tour is less than two weeks away. It’s hard to believe it will soon be over…although it’s an experience that will not quickly be forgotten by any of us.  Iphone 26 April 306

Iphone 26 April 150Iphone 26 April 352

One thought on “From Livingstone to Windhoek

  1. Hi Andy/Maureen, Was wondering what was happening- well done. When does Andy actually arrive in Capetown? I will be there for a couple of days and it may fit. Just finished day7 of JoBerg2c and I’m shattered. Wish I had your legs now Andy.

    Regards Bernie Krone Sent from Bernie’s iPhone


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