Off road in Tanzania

Apologies everyone!

I realise I’ve been out of touch. I don’t know where the time has gone since I got back from Arusha on 14th …except suddenly it’s 14 sleeps until I fly up to join the ride. Forgive my silence. I’ve been busy and Andy was out of touch for most of last week, lost in the off-roads of Tanzania. More on that later…

First of all, from both of us, thank you for your congratulations.

Second of all, no Francine, we’re not cycling north, not for a honeymoon or any other reason! I don’t how to answer when people ask me if Andy is ‘enjoying’ the trip. It’s hard to know what he will remember once it’s over. In our evening conversations he talks about the rocks in the roads, the steepness of the hills, heat, dust, flies…and yet in the photos he looks fit, slim, clear eyed and happy. I suppose the short answer is that it’s very tough, there are some good days and he’s surviving the bad ones. He just needs to stop falling on that right knee.

Download iphone 24 March 012

Arusha was the half way mark and although southern Tanzania was mountainous and the roads were hard, he’s 70+ days fitter, and by now acclimatized to the routines, and the hardships.

Download iphone 24 March 007

It’s going to be great riding together…if I can keep up. I think our deal is that I can ride the truck into camp in the afternoons so long as I have the tent up when he arrives. Or maybe he said that if I get ahead of him I have to have the tent up when he arrives…

Kobie – you said Andy can be ‘troublesome’. Remind me sometime to ask exactly what you meant by that…

Bernie – I’ll leave it to you to extract pictures from him of the equator party when he wore his skirt – he hasn’t sent them to me…and I don’t know why…  Did he climb Kili? I don’t think that question deserves an answer…he’d just cycled 6 000 kms!

Cecilia – I love his beard! Wouldn’t have him without it! But don’t worry, we’ll get him Sandton-ised for November.

As to his being half his size when it’s all over…the first night I met him he told me of his plan to ride the TDA. I asked, ‘Why?’ He replied, ‘To lose weight.’ I said, (quite understandably, don’t you think?), ‘You don’t have to cycle 12 000 kms to lost weight.’

On reflection though, it beats any other diet plan I’ve ever heard of. You get to meet interesting people, see the continent, sleep under the stars…and win the awe and admiration of those of your friends who don’t think you’re completely crazy.

5 thoughts on “Off road in Tanzania

  1. No, we KNOW he is completely crazy! It’s ok, we like him like that but yes this latest craziness comes with a lot of admiration! please post some new pics, has he got a phone that will take some photos yet?


    1. Hi Joanne
      Andy has a new phone, he’s connected again, he’s sent me photos…and I’ve just spent most of this afternoon updating the blog. There’s more to come… He loves to read or hear all the comments. I read the latest ones to him this morning when we had a clear connection. They bring him closer to his friends and home…and sometimes that’s exactly what he needs.


  2. Hi Andy,

    You can predict when you will fall on your right knee again – it’s called the “when the scab from the last fall has just healed and it’s nice and pink like a baby’s bottom” prediction technique. take care my buddy and see you mid May or thereabouts. cheers Bernie


  3. Hey Andy;
    You’re now in the Northern part of my wall map, … about 1.8 meters from Cape Town.
    Looking forward to seeing (what’s left of you) again.


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